I had the honor and privilege of photographing my dear friend and talented vegan baker Kaylee Walters. Being as this was my first introduction into bringing a life into the world, it was an amazing and magical experience and I’m so glad I got to be included in this part of their lives. 

Kaylee Walters rests on the bed while her husband Alex Bean, her midwives and her mom Teresa Walters watches over her at 1:27 am on Monday morning in Austin, Texas. Her contractions started on Saturday.

 Kaylee leans on Alex’s legs as he supports her, while Teresa rubs her back and they comfort her during her contractions on Monday morning.

 Kaylee tries to relax in a birthing pool as she is comforted by her husband Alex.

 Kaylee tries to relax and work through the pain with the support of her mom Teresa and husband Alex.

 At 2:48am on Monday morning, Kaylee stood by the bathroom sink to try to help with the pain.

A slew of supplies lies scattered about during the final few minutes before Isaac’s arrival.

 Kaylee holds onto Isaac minutes after his arrival in the world!

Teresa holds onto her new grandson’s hand moments after his arrival at 6:35 am on Monday, January 26, 2014.

 Alex Bean cradles his son hours after his birth on Monday, January 26, 2014.

 Teresa tries to get Isaac to start suckling so that he will be ready to breast feed.

 Kaylee and Alex work with Isaac to try to get him to latch on and breast feed.watch film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword now

 Adzuki Bean meets Isaac Alexander Bean for the first time!

 Pinto the cat sneaks into the bedroom to take a peek at the new Bean family member.

 Alex rubs Isaac’s face during his newborn exam on Monday afternoon. He’s a healthy 7 pound 8 oz baby!

Kaylee and Alex both admire Isaac after his long home birth at the Bean house!