A weeks worth of a random experience with the family in Florida for Christmas break.

A good shot of the red hair.

Pretty shot of bro.

Talent show.

Tis me.

Sis on the walkway to the beach in Florida.

The tall grass.

Crazy cousin.

The entrance.

One of the altars.

Sis looking disgusted, but its just cuz of the incense smoke flying in her face.


Crack of dawn.


Sibs waiting for further instructions.

Putting incense into the holder.

12 sticks of incense for each person.

Ba Sau.

Holly and her bf and little sister.

Tug of war.

Brandon with his grandma.

Judging of the baking contest.

Sugar cane.

Grandma’s house.

Flip flopping it to the beach.

Li Xi. Lucky money for new years.

Dingo, the puppy who wouldn’t let me pet him.

Lily, the ginormous St. Bernard who didn’t care that I crawled in and laid next to her.