Productive day today. I woke up and shot 2 of my portraits for the road. A bookseller and a clothing designer. The clothes designer was a very unique looking character. Then Si called and we eventually met up and walked down the road shooting pictures. His girlfriend and a friend showed up about 45 mins to and hour later to join us. Made it to Camden Town eventually. Wow I love that place! Fire breathing and flame spinning didn’t turn out that well because I didn’t set my exposures correctly.

Dorothea Lange.Wow. There you go, I am much more interested in her work. She photographed during the Depression and her pictures were of the hard times and suffering that came from the Depression. Much more on what I would rather do… not so much war photography, not social landscape (Friedlander style)… “photographic study of the American social scene,” as quoted online. I’m not sure about American society… Vietnamese society maybe?

Sara Sankara Designs

Roaming round the tube

Beth and Si at the bar

Beth peeking through Si’s hair