Busy bee, but sadly more for my other minors and whatnot rather than with photo. So I’ve finished almost everything in preparations of Spring break! First is the Northern Short Course and then off to NYC somewhere for a few days.

I think we are due for another inspirational speaker here, cuz I’m def in need of one to jump start me again… oh wait I guess thats the beauty of the NSC. yay, will be fun!

Gordon Parks. 1912-2006. “I chose my camera as a weapon against all the things I dislike about America–poverty, racism, discrimination.” He was the first black photographer on Life magazine’s staff. I hadn’t heard about him until today. I think that one of the factors sometimes is that it’s not only the photographs that make them good photographers, its about who they are, and how they give back. I find that I respect and love photographers more when of course they care about the generation under them. From the article it said that he was one of those types of people.

Police officers from Utica salute as officer Joseph Corr’s body is being carried out of the church following the service at St. John the Evangelist Church on Oxford Street in New Hartford.

Police officers lined the streets as the procession carries officer Joseph Corr’s body to St. John the Evangelist Church on Oxford Street in New Hartford.

Slightly upset about a store in NYC which has her jewelry on display, Michelle is on the phone talking to another person who also has their merchandise on display at a store. The store had made many promises and weren’t fully following through with them.

Michelle helping her son Joseph with his long division math homework right before bed.

Waiting for potential customers at a hotel conference room in Rochester during a breast cancer awareness organized trade show.

Strawberries in the studio… shhh about the photoshop work… i’m a bad leaf manipulator.

Twas suppose to be my portrait… but I didn’t change the light for a close up and left it for full body… gar… so no nice dramatic shadows or anything… oh well, isn’t he cute though?!

The two brothers… lil bro and big bro!