How sad I am that I don’t really have a picture to post today… But no fear, I promised a picture daily… so I will see what few I have from today. I already know that it is not of the photoj nature… it is mostly of people eating thanksgiving lunch/dinner. Oh also there is this wonderful toy that I want! It’s a war journalist! All mine for only $60! I don’t think I’ll be buying that anytime soon… although I want to buy the professional photojournalism book when I get back to the states in Dec.

We put our stuff into a pre-portfolio today in class and most of my pictures came from the last few weeks… that actually makes me happy because before then I didn’t really have any shots that I particularly enjoyed. After class we went to The Frontline Club for dinner. Its the club that was designed for photojournalist as well as video journalists. Good food…. Happy Thanksgiving!

I broke my promise… no photographer of the day…. I fell asleep and would do it this morning but I leave for Scotland in 4 hours! So I won’t be updating until Monday!

Oh also it takes me a lil while to find a good photographer that I like…. so suggestions are greatly appreciated!

War Journalist