Thao Nguyen/ FREELANCE 03/09/10 AP
Wayne Williamson stands at the pedestrian bridge on March 9, 2010, where one of the three shots were fired about three years earlier in March 2007 that cost him his job.
Thao Nguyen/ FREELANCE 03/11/10 AP
Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar speaks to members of the press and guest as releases the 2010 “State of the Birds Report” which focuses this year on the effects of climate change on the migratory bird populations in the United States. The report was held at the Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin, TX on March 11, 2010.

Spring Trip- Pawnee, TX, Marfa, TX, White Sands, NM… and every place in between

Stephen with Chancho on the way to Pawnee.
Stephen filming students during his filmmaking class after school at Pawnee Elementary.

The first DQ we’ve ever had in a good 8 years or so… not the best food ever… but brought back great memories… (and made new ones!)

Trixie, our travel troll.

On the road to Marfa, TX.

Outside of the pizza shop.

Pizza Foundry in Marfa, TX.

Train tracks in Marfa, TX.

White Sands, NM.

White Sands, NM.

On the road towards the casino in NM.

Pretty red soil on the way home.

Sunset and air energy.

Hotel, Hotel at The High Ball.
Birthday cupcakes!

3-year-old Jase opening bday presents!

Family photo!
More commissioned family photos!