Today we had a guest speaker. Heidi Bradner. The way she is living as a freelance photographer and doing stories that she is passionate about brought out a part of me that I was starting to worry about. When I got to London, my spark and my love for photo seemed to have faded a bit, but after seeing her images and talking to her, I’m pumped and ready to go back and shoot.

I may be spending my spring break with John. He is a friend I have who is from Kenya, went to SU on a cross country scholarship, is now going to John Hopkins and studying about cures to disease (malaria I think is his interest right now), and when he graduates is going back to Kenya. He actually had to put cross country on the back burner so that he could focus on the more important thing in life, his career and the medical field. He is from a very poor family and sends money back home. When I talk to him he is an inspirational person, very optimistic, never complains about his role and how he supports the family. He’s very open to me photographing. I want to be there to document the next couple years of his life.

Milk and beer was all over this gentleman. Shot the same day as the falafel guy.

Simon. The guy with the spikey hair is coming back to London this weekend and I am doing portraits of him. He is also a fire breather and fire spinner! I’m excited, I think I’m gonna take him down to the tube and take some fun pictures down there!