Thanks for my last feedback comment, a little push that I needed from a reader (which I didn’t realize that I had very many). In the last few days I have been struggling to decide if encouraging/forcing (depends on the day) myself to shoot something every day was going to be bad if I started posting things that were mediocre… but since then I’ve learned and reinforced in myself the belief and the goal that who ever reads my blog will know me inside and out as a photographer. My mind through my words and my vision through my photographs, whether they be weak images or strong ones.

When I get home I will post the image from wednesday night that was suppose to go up. And perhaps I’ll work on my image for my photo illustration class… pencils in natural lighting with a concept… i’ll get back to you when I figure out the concept!

Judy Walgrin. I had made a comment yesterday that I figure I would be one of those photographers that never marry. Why? Because I a little too much in love with photoj, then it was brought to my attention that Walgrin got married, so I figured she would be my photog of the day. The very first thing that ? I noticed about her photography is that you feel like you are there as an observer, not sure if this makes sense but her photographs make me think that she really is a fly on the wall. Close and intimate but yet very natural. YAY in one of her photo stories under “tales” it has a food portrait/photo story combination to it. Makes me wanna further my story with Simon. She was able to pull off doing a story on a restaurant preparing food as well as show many images of food portraits from the restaurant.

Tessa’s Wednesday night lemon chicken dinner.