In no particular order… heres a random series of pictures from London…

John Gutmann. He was an artist turned into a photographer after Hitler took over. Maybe what I’ve learned most from him is that he took pictures of just what was there, the first drive in theatre and just everyday life. So maybe sometimes we should remember to take a step back and just photograph everyday life.

Of course I never seem to have enough pictures of Simon!

Champagne for the last day of photojournalism class in London.

Yay for British phone booth.

The two Alexia kids! 🙂

This is one of the many dogs that I saw while in Europe… I’m going to be dog lady when I grow old one of these days.

Our window washer was dangling outside without a harness… 4 floors above ground.

My professor gave me this for my birthday and I took a picture of it as a thank you for him. He gave the girls flowers and boys beer.