I was good today… I shot my photo story for a couple of hours, shot my love without showing it, then shot my studio stuff, and then even shot as I was coming home.

Yay, I had a very productive day today. I woke up and slowly went upstairs to my landlord where I would start a photo story on her. She is married with 2 kids and one on the way. The fun thing is that she has her own jewlery making business in her basement. Least thats where her studio is. I’m trying to make this one audio… I got the initial interview… dunno how sound quality is yet… and sadly my voice recorder doesn’t have software for macs… gar! but Shooting was fun, gave me a chance to spend more than 10mins – an hour at an event… I enjoyed myself… I even shot my “love without really showing it” shot… tony probably won’t like it… I’m not the best at photo illustration yet…

Ron Haviv
. I met him once, I think last year at the Northern Short Course… or was it at the Best of photojournalism… not sure… but it was a NPPA event… sadly I didn’t ask anything intelligent… I was meerly checking the facts for my newswriting class… glad those days are over! I love the the picture of the guys in Army work out clothes and the sgt or whoever’s shadow it is casting over them.

Love Without Really Showing It. (no its not brushing my teeth… has to do with my bf)

Michelle DaRin converses with a friend about her business and the expose that it has gotten.

Sanding away at cuttlefish to make a mold for a ring.

Silver scraps are melted and poured into the mold to make a silver band.

Cutting up chicken, Michelle DaRin prepares dinner for her two boys and school teacher husband who all just recently returned from school and were all ready for dinner.

Roomie Tessa talking to another photog in the snow.

I wish yall were there to see it, it was the softest, lightest snow falling down… pretty, but cold.