What a peaceful day today turned out to be. I went to the Diane Arbus exhibit with Meredith (who is visiting from the states), then we strolled through the park and went to the Princess Diana memorial as well as Buckingham Palace. Very relaxed day, a step away from work. Much needed and appreciated. Shot few shots but saw a beautiful park. Today’s shot is more a fun shot for me. Self portrait of some sort.

W. Eugene Smith
. I really like his story on Dr. Ernest Guy Ceriani, who was a country doctor at age 32 and tended to the towns people of Kremmling and the 400 mile radius around it. Also the one on Maude Callen, the 51 year old midwife. His Haiti pictures as well as his Japan shots… definitely my all time favorite photographer. Health related photo stories, just amazing photographs, and his images the toning in the black and white are just beautiful.

Fun self portrait.