At first it was a sad day because I had planned on shooting but ended up having to go to a sight visit for my architecture class, check out books and then write a paper. After class and printing pictures I decided that I needed to just stroll and shoot. So down Portobello I go with Canon snapping away at some Portobello Road signs (mini fun project… to capture em all with diff backgrounds) and then I see a Big Issue seller. I buy one because its a nice thing to do and then I asked the guy if I could get a portrait of him. Stuck around and talked to his friends and the doorman guy infront of the oh so ritzy Electric bar. Good experience, will work harder for better pictures next time.

Oh and I brought some charity xmas cards. Didn’t matter how much they cost, I just think that it is awesome how contributing money to buying a goat for a family in a third world country can provide them with a means of living.

Goats for peace. Repair the ravages of war by gibing a goat. but no ordinary goat: this is a revolving goat. where communites are slowly rebuilding themselves, a revolving goat ( with the aid of a revolving ram) starts families. kids go to restock families without goats. and so on. a goat is milk and fertiliser factory and goes a logn way to improving the local diet, a four-legged step towards self-sufficiency. Buy a fine goat for a grateful family. And it really helps.”

Charles Ommanney. The first thing that I noticed about his photographs is that they are well composed. He has all the angles down. Everything seems so perfectly c

One of they guys on Portobello.