So at about 1:30 a.m. on the drive home from the Northern Short Course I blew out a tire! Luckily for me I was well prepared, seeing as it wasn’t the first time! 🙂

First you take the little car jack and you place it under your car (finding the metal ridge thing next to your tire) Then you crank away at the tire. I’ve learned if you make it go too high the wheel will spin and make it impossible to get the lug nuts off.

Then you shove the lug nut wrench onto a lug nut and if you are weak like me, you stand on it and bounce up and down till it loosens itself. Repeat for all the lovely lug nuts.

And Viola! You have just now removed a tire!

There would be pics of me putting my spare on, but at that moment that I had started to remove my tire, the New York State Thruway guy came and put it on for me! 🙂