Nothing to do with photo much…. just my state of mind.

This semester I’ve been doing alot of exploration of my own culture. My two sociology essays as well as my entended photo story. Somehow, I’m not sure but I feel at home with this subject… studying it and learning more about myself… this is the first time I feel that I’m actually learning something of importance. Unfortunately there isn’t a place that I can go to, to learn about that. It still kinda bothers me that the Asian population is the 2nd largest minority population here and we still don’t have a Asian studies… but somehow we have one for those who make up a very small portion of the school population.

Racial stereotypes as well have been bothering me a bit more lately. In my race, class and gender class everything is about black and white. Asian are put on the bottom rung of the ladder and there really isn’t an argument if they are or not.

And as with any culture mixed with America. Its sometimes hard being a Vietnamese-American. You will never really be an american because you are Asian and because you are Asian you will never have the upperhand.

Usually I am neutral and and don’t bring up much but race really plays a factor in everything that I do.

Because I was never taught Vietnam history or anything about the Vietnam war growing up I feel that theres a void in me that I should know about and unfortunately don’t know.

My daddy’s story. Part 1 Part 2 For Father’s day we brought my dad flying lessons. It was the first time he’s flown in over 30 years… last time being 1975 when he was a Pilot in the Vietnam Air force… I told my editor about it just to offer her fun pictures… she saw deeper than I did and realized that my parent’s were trying to live the American Dream.

Mom has an equally interesting story… her family fled by moonlight on a boat with about 30 others… stayed on the sea for many days (maybe weeks)… I still have yet to transcribe her story.

My Uncle. He was a photographer during the Vietnam war… he sold his pictures to the American papers and the Communist police took him to jail where he eventually ended up dying in jail.

My roomie Tessa!