Old pictures and a photo related update. I just got back from going to the Post-Standard (Syracuse daily paper) and realized that I miss shooting… not for the aspect of shooting but of meeting and talking to people. On my 30 min ride to Clinton Square I talked to the guy sitting on the seat next to me. Just me asking for directions like usual. Then on my walk towards the paper an Australian man said “Happy New Years,” so I stopped and chit chatted with him for a brief few mins (since I was running late.) Had my orientation meeting, went well, twas easy.

Then on the way out I was walking towards the bus and decided that since it was decently nice for Syracuse… meaning no wind or snow and alright temperature I decided to ask a Centro bus driver how to walk back to campus. He pointed to a bus and was like there, of course I insisted on walking and so he thought of a safe way for me to walk home and off I went.

As I was walking home it was just super peaceful and allowed me a good look of the downtown area of Syracuse. On the walk home another fella also decided to talk to me. Aside from the fact that he was hitting on me, it was nice being out with the community.

Yay for all the benefits of being a photojournalist… or of being an human.

Robert Frank
. Yay for street photography. Somehow I’ve always loved walking around and just seeing what everyone is doing outside. I love love his pictures. I wanna run around downtown and just hang out with the locals… kinda cautious about doing it with a digital, but I wanna run around one warm day with my film camera and have a me day and just have fun.

Photo is my life and love.

Just stuff that didn’t make it… prof didn’t like em… with the bite out of it, it is your sandwich not mine… oh well.