Yesterday was my first day of work. Twas fun! I went with Brian Diggs one of the photogs out feature hunting. He asked me where I wanted to go, and of course I said fishermens! So he found us a bridge and we shot some pics of guys fishing off of the Montopolis Bridge and then Brian took us to a place under the bridge and they were swinging off of a support beam with a rope tied to the top of the bridge (confused yet?) and then I rolled up my pants and walked in… well it looked like up to their calves…. well… by the time i got to where i wanted to be the water was up to the top of my tummy! Don’t have the pic that was published… but here the link to the one online.

Summers are usually slow, I’m told, so today I didn’t really shoot much, but I got my nikon 2nd body (to accompany my canon) and then I went out with Kelly West to a firehouse that was robbed of $40,000 of equipment.

05/30/06 Thao Nguyen/AMERICAN-STATESMAN
Manuel Morales, 21 wades in the Colorado River after swinging from a rope tied to the Montopolis Bridge on Tuesday afternoon.