What a fun day. Started out slow since I woke up later and then got distracted cleaning up the house a bit. Went to Portobello Road and shot a guy wearing gloves and a hat and he was selling winter wear. Very entertaining and good conversations. I also found a woman standing in some very nice light on the side of Portobello Road. After that I went with Jessa to Little Venice. It makes me miss my trip to Venice. I shot some pretty geese, which I will put in my blog. (because I think they are way too cute to not add… but just for fun!)

Susan C. Edson, director of athletic communications at Syracuse, threatened to revoke the photography credentials issued to the student newspaper and a local newspaper if staff photographers did not remove images posted to a member portfolio area on the Web site SportsShooter.com.” Full Article. My comments on this? Why is this even being questioned? I hope that the solution is a painless and quick one… but some reason I’m not so sure about it.

And my last comment of the day (aside from my feature photographer) I will be interning at The Austin-American Statesman this coming summer! YAY! I have a home for summer! I have a whole new world to explore and have fun with… and the best part? I get to shoot and only shoot all summer and get paid to do what I love!

Ami Vitali. Her pictures are just perfect. They make you pause and look at them for a bit. Very good photographer.

Woman in pretty light on Portobello Road

My fun picture of a goose in Little Venice.

Workers gloves.