So I drove down to Austin for a day yesterday, twas fun. I spent most of my time at the paper, the photo editor and photographers we’re awesome and I learned alot from my 4 hours of hanging out in the photo department! Everyone was really friendly and educational. I even learned how to shoot nice food portraits! Natural lighting! (of course!) Will be going to visit the Dallas Morning News next week on Thurs… kinda nervous!

Robert Capa. “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” A well known photographer. Didja know Robert Capa is an American photographer alias for Andrei Friedmann? He was born in Budapest in 1913. Not too much feedback on me today… but yay for passionate photographers.

Sushi that I ate in Austin. Shot with natural lighting, yay!

This is Kirk. I adopted him from a toy store in Austin, when I have a chance I will take a better portrait of him. He is taking a bath here. (I messed up the toning a bit on this one)