I woke up today thinking it was just going to be a morning of shooting the road before heading to school. Instead I get a call from Virga asking if I wanted to follow Lefteris Pitarakis. He’s an AP photographer based here in London. We ended up going to a book signing with Mike Tyson. Tyson didn’t write the book, but he wrote the forward. I had a fun and great learning experience. First of all Lefteris told me that the british journalist tend to set things up and also that of course its going to be a little bit of pushing and what not from everyone to get the pictures. As soon as Mike Tyson arrived I heard alot of… Mike! Mike! Mike look this way!…. Mike move the water bottle! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike stand on the chair we can’t see you!

Steve McCurry
. The first thing I noticed about his portraits were how natural and well exposed each picture turned out. They were just perfect down to every detail. Each picture is just so well thought out, every detail to the image seemed to be set exactly how he wanted them.

Mike Tyson