Today was a pretty good day. Dropped off a CD to one of the guys I shot a portrait of on Portobello Road. I was on the architecture class tour and we walked by a store window with a cardboard cut out of a cartoon woman and behind her there were workers remolding the store. I stayed there for a bit and of course lost the class again. My next shoot was during tube rush hour again. Take 2 is drastically better than yesterday, which of course I’m happy about!

Henri Cartier-Bresson
. wow. Wow is such a common first word for me but this of course is an amazing photographer. These moments are real, they make me really excited to shoot. There are so many pictures that I have yet to look at and I’m trying to break my habit of staying up, so tomorrow I will definitely keep looking through the albums until I’ve seen all of the pictures. So far this is exactly what I would love to do, the exact message or view that he sees is something I would want to portray in my photography.

Looking up?

Working a 9 hours and 45 minute shift