Global LAB, Morocco and India- Spring 2008

Staff meeting to prepare for trip participants.

Screening one of the Morocco films.

Morning conversations.

Kempie working in the library.

Tiffany scooping up some vegetarian chili on the night of her arrival to orientation.

Al laughing as she prepares to guess the name of the person on the other side of the blanket.

Al talking to Tracy as they discuss their backpack and its contents while Mika and Ellie talk in the background.

Charlie, Harrison and Chris during a listening walk.

Al, Mika and Ellie watch the horses during the listening walk on Saturday morning.

Group activity.

Allie meeting the pointing dog breed group as an outsider.

Group meeting with the India group.

A laughing chain game.

Prepping for the knot game.

Audrey in the middle of the human tangle.

A little bit of a dance off.

Council circle.

Last moment of India and Morocco students before they split up for their flight.

India group loading up.

This was a few hours before the slight schedule readjustment was made. 🙂

I have a million pictures from the weekend, if you have any specific activities that you would like pictures of, tell me and i can dig through the archive and color correct em and send em your way!

Have a great trip guys!

Audio slideshow will be finished hopefully in a day or two.