So sadly today I had to say bye bye to my cheese guys, I really have gotten quite attached to them. It just makes me happy to see them joyfully smiling and serving cheese! I’ve started entering some of my entries into the NPPA student clip contest… I can’t decide if I should enter my portraits from portobello road as individuals or as a photo story. Right now they are entered as single features. any suggestions?

In a couple of hours… if I ever sleep, I’ll wake up and be on my way to Folkestone. Its on the coast I’m told. Off to visit Simon, the punk guy with the mohawk. I’m going to follow him around for 2 days… then I gotta head home and prepare for an exam the next day… yucky to that part. But yay for going some place fun…. and more importantly letting my photo lead the way to my new destinations.

Kevin Carter. What a horrible end to a life. Makes me think even more about shooting things like that… famine. Its a hard life, especially on a person emotionally.

mostly reminiscing shoots of portobello… oh and tomorrow I will be in Folkestone so I probably won’t be able to update… oh yeah I was gonna shoot a portrait of a cook in the Books for Cooks store… will do soon…

Town butcher. Thought I’d show the peeps back home what a butcher shop looked like!

Cheesy memory.

Bye guys! Will miss ya greatly. Look at all that cheese!