Ellie making a call home from one of the little shops found all over India.

Mika and Tiffany on an elephant ride towards Amber fort.

Elephant posing… mins before he got hit by his driver with a stick.

Tracy at Amber fort with the students.

Lara and Allie sitting atop a wall at Amber Fort.

The leaders and their Nestea!

Global LAB India Spring 2008!

Amber fort picture with Ellie, Mika and Lara.

Lassi, oh so yummy lassi!

Ellie and Lara trying to figure out where to go for the scavenger hunt!

Lara taking notes on Ellie’s back as they solved the first riddle.

Talking to a French Architecture student and getting his story as part of the requirement for the scavenger hunt.

Harrison with his crushed soda can.

Allie’s 21st birthday!

Being fed the first bite of sweets for her birthday.

Allie with her birthday cake at the guesthouse.

Uncle jii (?) reading poems that his granddaughter had written when she was 6. (?)

Lara and Tiffany in their room at the Guesthouse during one of the breaks.

Mika trying on some shoes.

Ellie and Harrison read in the back of the van.

Palm readings at Chokhi Dhani.