Been a while since I’ve updated but I’ve done a few photo things since I last updated. I ended up visiting the DMN on Tuesday and spending some time there and then I went out to Addison to talk to an old DMN photog who is now doing wedding photojournalism, Huy Nguyen. Twas a fun day… aside from getting lost in Dallas and the surrounding communities for 2 hours! Thank you Louis DeLuca! (Who introduced me to photo editor Michael Hamtil and photographer Michael Ainsworth, who are both wonderful people and hopefully I’ll see em soon!)

Since yesterday was my last day waitressing, today was my free day for fun. I called up The Star-Telegram and they let me follow, Rodger Mallison for the morning at the 2006 Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Twas a fun day… I unfortunately didn’t start off on the right foot when I ended up at the wrong place for the stock show that morning and had to be picked up (after getting a lil bit more lost), but after that things were smooth sailing. Thank you Rodger for finding me! I shot again today! YAY! Thats exciting since I haven’t really done anything photoj like in quite some time. I think I did alright, I had lots of fun too! Yay for getting to meet and talk to people and learning about them. (Who introduced me to many people, of whom I only remember 2 of the photogs… Ron Jenkins and Ralph Lauer. Who as well as the fellas mentioned above were great to talk to!) Photo peeps are fun, I really really love photojournalism and every little aspect of it… even the sometimes painful task of putting in captions, because then guess what, that means that you had some small part of recording a bit of their life, of making it a memory and a bit of lil ole daily history.

Joseph Victor Stefanchik. In the spirit of local photogs I decided to do JVS since Huy showed me his work. He used to work at the DMN too. Great work from what I last saw (dial up is no bueno for looking at pictures…) I really enjoy his moments and his images are of course really nice.

Yay for good light! Thank you Rodger for being my mentor!

For the past three years Jon Kingdon, 24 has been working for a rancher in Canada. Kingdon’s jobs include spreading straw and shavings in the stalls as well as milking, washing and feeding the cattle before they go off to show at the 2006 Fort Worth Stock Yard and Rodeo at the Will Rogers Memorial Center on Friday, January 13, 2006.

Tugging on the harness of Flying S. bittersweet and Flying S. Sam, Patty Kluge from North, English, Iowa leads the cattle into the wash area to bathe the animals before they are shown. The Kluge family were some of the first to arrive at the 2006 Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

Gage Moorhouse, 15 says he has been a part of the Stock Show for as long as he can remember. Moorhouse traveled to the Fort Worth stockyards from his family’s cattle ranch in Benjamin, Texas.

*update* they published the horse pic… tehehe my first pic in the Star-Telegram but def not my last! 🙂