Today I woke up slowly… but got out the door by 10 to try and hit up Portobello. Shot a little bit, but the crowd was a little much and I didn’t want to bother the vendors while they were working. Went to school to start printing prints when Judy calls and tells me that theres a peace rally in Piccadilly Circus. So off I went. Overall it was a fun experience. Now I’m at school trying to print off pictures for people whom I’ve made a promise to send prints! 🙂

Nick Ut
. Of course, Nick Ut. I deeply aspire to be like him. Sadly I can’t seem to find a large clump of his pictures online but what I like is of course he is Vietnamese and he covered Vietnam. I dunno, me being such an American, I really want to get back to my roots and do more of a focus on Vietnam with my photography.

Man dressed in cat suit handing out flyers protesting the use of Esso.

Speaker on climate change, alot of people… I’m bad at judging scale!

It’s a lil weird how they are going for world peace but somehow this almost seems a bit like animal cruelty… dog had spray paint like thing on his head that reads “Nuke Off” which refers to nuclear power.

I found him in a tree and thought it would make a fun graphic picture.

A sign that reads “WANTED/ George W Bush/ The outlaw known as the Toxic Texan/FOR CRIMES AGAINST THE PLANET/ and attempted assassination of the Kyoto Treaty” lays outside of the US embassy in London after a rally against climate change. The march started at noon and finished around 5pm. The Campaign against Climate Change London demonstration was a part of International Day of Climate Protest.