I saw the most perfect picture about 15 minutes after I took this one. (This one is my cliche window pic! :])  There was this big bright orangish-yellowish round thing on the clouds. I kept looking at it trying to figure out what it was, and then the plane got closer and there inside was a perfect silhouette of the airplane in the orangish circle. By the time I got my camera back out we had gone underneath the cloud. I could only guess that it was the sun reflecting… because how else would it be a silhouette of the plane… Either way, I missed it and am kicking myself for not capturing the bizarre pic. 

Summer tourist are everywhere. 
So Andy and I had a discussion about the memorials. We went to the Korean memorial, the Vietnam memorial and the World War II memorial. The first two were somber, quiet and respectful. The last one, well this picture shows what almost appears to be an attraction park or something.