Todays post shall be a short and maybe sweet one. Just a day of work and more work. Printed pictures at the lab. On ride home took some fun pictures of Erika in the tube station. She took some pictures of me by the bus stop. Now its just writing paper time. Lo siento on the picture of the day, today it is more of a this is how photographers have fun! 🙂

David Leeson. It seems like I’ve heard that name quite often, not sure when or where but I have definitely passed by it. Maybe it’s a Texas thing. What I found most interesting is that he is doing video work as well as shooting. Its quite interesting, shows you the role that a photographer plays where ever they go. I’m slowly gonna have to incorporate sound into this thing as I have been recommended to do.

Can you guess what Erika is doing?

Flatmate portrait by the lovely Erika. (thats Martyna next to me)