Time is passing quickly… and mine is spent taking advantage of the printers here instead of going out and seeing London… Oh my… I think that tomorrow I will be more able to venture out. I only have to mount a few more prints and cut them out. Then it’s really time to say goodbye to London. So many people here have just opened up their life and their world to me, I know that those connections won’t be closed, I have repeatedly said that I will be back in 5 years. And I entend on keeping that promise. Even if its only for a short stay, I will be back to see Portobello Road and the people I’ve met from there. Also Greece as well, I want to do a story on my fisherman that I met there, it would be an enjoyable experience to go out with him on his boat and see the ocean at night.

On a different note, I have created many projects and things to do since I talked to Lefteris Pitarakis. I will start looking into charities and NGO’s in Vietnam since I want to end up there… maybe contact a few and see how they operate and start creating a relationship with them. I also went was checking out the Magnum in motion website and on seeing Philip Jones Griffiths package on Vietnam… I don’t it gave me chills watching the pictures and hearing him reflect on his time there.


so I just woke up…. went to take a nap last night at around 3ish and never really got up after that… I only shot 7 frames yesterday… although I had a wonderful vision of a still life with peppers… never woke up till now…

Edward Weston
. Wow nice still lifes… my goal for Thurs I suppose should be those peppers again, well see how I do with em…

Books and Cooks has been around since 1983. The store is a bookshop that also has a small kitchen in the back of the store where a cook can try out some of the recipes in the book. French chef Eric Treuille now can be seen working in the kitchen. Treuille arrived at the shop and eventually from there entered Rosie Kindersley’s life. The two are now the proprietors of the shop found on Blenheim Crescent in Notting Hill.