Well its more a combination of many reasons that makes me think that it is the perfect city for me.

It’s a career move for sure, but even without mentioning my career the town itself fits more of my personality. I firmly believe in sustainability and Austin is a city that makes it easy to be green. And when I am surrounded by a productively green city, it makes me happier.

When I get to Austin I will be living in a housing cooperative which is basically where a group of people co-own the house and live together and function together (cook, clean and everything else) in order to share the profits and benefits. I would put in a few hours of work a week and the rent, utilities and even meals are covered under my monthly rent for a lower cost than it might be to live in a house.

I had a conversation with someone the other night and to him a co-op sounded liked a prison, but for me, I’m a minimalist. I’d rather not own any more that what I can shove in a backpack and pedal away with. When I was in college I lived in a one room studio where my bathroom sink was also my kitchen sink. I didn’t mind it because I only came home to sleep and shower. I spent my days doing photo, working or going to school. I’m more content with a back to back schedule of events than I am hanging out at home.

Something that I’ve always wanted in a city was the ability to be able to ride my bike as a mode of transportation. Arlington really doesn’t have the layout, bike lanes, or even knowledgeable drivers for a bicyclist to safely ride on the road.

In Austin and especially around campus and downtown, there are bike lanes as well as trails that make it easy to run errands and daily activities without having to own a car.

In the case of rain or farther trips, the city does have a bus system and I will also be sharing a car with my sister, who attends UT.

Thats another reason to be down there. My sister and I both seem to be at a place in our life, that having each other at a close distance will come to benefit both of us mentally and socially.

Now career wise, I think that Austin is a better fit for me and my shooting style/creativity. The way I see people, the details I want to bring out, the photographs I want to portray all seem to be the exact opposite of what I find in DFW. Three of my favorite photos that I would absolutely love to have printed on my business cards, I had to hold them back because I knew that the clientele here would be turned away from them.

Basically I believe that if I moved to a more liberal city then I would have the capabilities to express myself more freely than I would get to here.

Besides a homemade business card holder consisting of some boards and screws would only look right in a place like Austin! 🙂

p.s. and no this move is not for a boy, no boy in my life at the moment. Simply a selfish move all about me! 🙂 (maybe sis is thrown in there too)