So about 10 weeks (I think 11 due to TAKS testing) I embarked on a journey with Co-teacher and staff member Nicole DiMucci Potts to teach 15 students a bit about photography and composition. We met every Wednesday for 90 minutes and with my background in photojournalism and Nicole’s background in art photography, we imparted our knowledge upon our wonderful and young budding photographers.

Aside from the time spent learning compositional rules, prepping for their WOW showcase we managed to go shooting 3 times out of 10 weeks. The first being almost just a practice session, the students pulled off an amazing showcase with just the other 2 opportunities that they were given to photograph.

Thanks Bedichek Middle School photo students! It was a fun 10 weeks seeing you guys improve!

Check out the Citizen Schools program if you have a skill you’d love to volunteer and teach someone else! 🙂 awesome opportunity if you wanted to give away just an hour and a half of your evening every week for 10 weeks!

Donavon Young, an 8th grader at Bedichek Middle School, takes a photo during an outing with his Picture Perfect apprenticeship class with Citizen Schools on April 13, 2011 in Austin, Texas.