Tessa has the overnite shift, and I’m gonna pull an all niter… least try to. My picture will try to be… fighting off sleep… of Tessa or Vaughn.

They didn’t get quite as tired as I wanted them to… actually I was the one that took a nap at 5 am. But on the way out to head home at 7 am the light shining into food.com was amazing golden and pretty… and I left my camera in the lab… I was way to exhausted to run for it… but just seeing it that morning was pretty.

Syracuse University Art Collection. I stopped by on my walk home because I kept seeing the sign with W. Eugene Smith’s name on it. They have a kinda gallery inside of Schaffer. My fave Smith prints were towards the end of the International Nickel Plant, especially the men working. Some of the other stuff that they had were photographers Bernice Abbott and Barbara Morgan, painter John Sloan, Pablo Picasso and Norman Rockwell.

Also beside the room is the MFA 2006 exhibit going on. I was really impressed by their stuff and would recommend you drop in and have a look. My fave is Mark Mcleod project and Rebecca White’s pictures.