Today is World AIDS day. First of all its great to know that there is such a thing. Second thing is… where was I all these years that these events were going on… I never seemed to have taken notice until recently. I wish that I woulda gotten to more of the events… but next year when I’m in Syracuse I must go cover it! Shoot was again more of an experience rather than a good shoot.

British photographers… WTF… I mean they go against everything that we define as a photojournalist. Well let me clarify there was a specific videographer who kept telling the group to move so that they could get a better shot, telling them to wave and stuff. But then Drew was taking pictures and one of the photographers actually had the nerve to come up to him and tell him to move. This saddens and angers me when I experience this.

Printing extravaganza going on here right now at Faraday house in the photo lab! I’ve never seen my prints so big! Will stay here until it closes probably and then venture to Portobello again tonite.

Garry Winogrand. See now this is more of the social landscape photography that I was talking about… I’m still trying to figure out what social landscape really is… I would say that to me it seems to be just everyday life kinda shots… but well see, I’ll need to do a bunch more social landscape photographers to make my judgment. But I definitely like Winogrand over Friedlander.This guy was telling everyone to move down so he could get a better shot of them. Abomination.