Wow so lately I haven’t had internet… and now we are using AOL on the home computer… Flight home was alright, they lost my luggage for a day. I had to work at mom’s store for a bit so I havent been quite on the photo track at the moment. I need to call the multiple photogs here to meet up before I head to Syracuse again. Just updated my website yay! working on getting ….. but not there yet… thao nguyen is too common to have my own name!

Finally bought The Photo Book!
Gianni Berengo Gardin. Aww I really enjoy his pictures, they make me think about how this is life and how its cherished. I would love to have taken that black and white workshop course taught by him!

At the Tate Modern with Drew.
Fluffy cloud I wanna touch you!
Daddy who picks me up from the airport every time I come home!