In photo…
I’ve learned how important it is to gain the trust of your subject, because there is a drastic difference in the portraits that I take whether they want me there or not. I’ve learned that portraits are really fun once you get started on them!

In life…
First the saddest part about leaving London is leaving Portobello Road. I’ve made so many friends and learn so much about myself there. I’ve learn to appreciate the farmers market and how sad I was to hear the possibility that when I come back in 5-10 years that it may no longer be there. Supermarkets are taking out all of the little guys… also the next generation in the families no longer want to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Its sad… Portobello has become such a part of me and realizing that it may no longer be there in the future makes me feel like a part of me will be stolen. I dunno how I am going to deal with going back home to Texas and Syracuse and realize that I can’t just walk down the road and have a chat with my grocer, have him introduce me to new vegetables…. or that I can’t just drop by and say hi to the cheese guys because I know that I’ll leave there in a better mood than I came… or Ron… my barber who always stands outside of his shop and greet everyone who walks by… he amazing knows everyone on that road… Ron is like a father to me he just has a very welcoming feel to him…. I LOVE my friends at Portobello Road. I will miss them dearly.

Margaret Bourke-White. I sadly can’t remember if I’ve done a feature on her… Well it is Bourke-White this time. I actually should try to go to the Bird library and see if I can see her actual negatives… that would be neat to see how she shots frame to frame.

The last day of our photo class… how sad.

Tomorrow will be much more delightful photos…bus 159, Abbey Road and Steve McCurry exhibit! 🙂 Oh AND the end of year party with the display of the class’ pictures! 🙂