I’m kinda sad that London will soon be but a mere dream. I wonder what having a daily shot will be like when I am in Syracuse, I will def have to venture out more into the community, because being here in London I realize that if I never roamed around I really wouldn’t have many fun pictures, so hopefully when I get to Syracuse I’ll either learn the bus system or find a way to provide some entertaining pictures. I promise better pics on Friday nite (will be going to see the 159 for its last route, Abbey Road, and Steve McCurry exhibit) as well as Sunday and Monday nite when I will be visiting Simon on Folkestone, UK.

Happy Birthday Martyna, I love you and hope you are having an amazing time. Thank you for recognizing my 21st on your special night.

Oh yeah and PS I passed out last night so I never quite finished my thought in the last post!

James Nachtwey. Of course an amazing photographer. We were suppose to watch War Photographer in our photojournalism class but somehow we never made it to that point… so I’ll def hafta watch it when I returen to the states. I enjoyed the shots.

I guess your run of the mill car collision with a double decker bus… I got a bit harassed for this one.